Photoboxx Membership

All Features. One Price.

No Commitment. Cancel Anytime.



billed monthly


1990 billed annually

2 months free!
* Have multiple Photoboxxes? Membership is over 50% off for each additional photoboxx.


Cloud Platform

The Photoboxx Cloud Software allows you to manage events from anywhere, invite team members, run reports, and much more with our integrated suite of applications.

Live Social Curation

Gather posts in REAL TIME from live #hashtag and @mention feeds from Instagram & Twitter. 
**Facebook page mentions coming soon!

Automatic Live Printing

All curated posts will print automagically with our advanced live printing technology. Less than 1 minute from post to print.


Measure your ROI with event analytics to track posts, timeline usage, in-depth social metrics, and more! 

Live Mosaic Display

Watch user generated content build up and reveal an awesome MOSAIC IMAGE for your event or campaign with the live digital mosaic display.

Live Grid Display

The photo grid display is perfect for any sized event as users can watch their posts flip into the screen and popup in an awesome display.


Camera App

User's don't have social media? That's okay! Use the built-in camera in the mobile app to take pictures for users!


Contest Mode

Running a contest or big giveaway at your event? Use contest mode to pick a random winner!


Custom Print Design

Take full control of your brand with the custom print design tools to create some incredible prints for your users to remember!

Booth Mode

Set up booth mode from the mobile app with a phone or tablet and let users take photos just like they would in a traditional photo booth!

Coming Soon

Kiosk Lead Capture

Need to get emails from your users? Set up kiosk mode to allow users to choose their photos to print and input names, emails, phone numbers, and more.

Coming Soon


Gather user's photos by setting up an event phone number where users can text their images to print!

Coming Soon

Resource Center

Great resources and templates available for help designing prints, displays, and event signage. Also a detailed help center equipped with video tutorials.

Tech Support

Highest priority support level with dedicated support team during office hours and availability on weekends.

Free Lifetime Updates

Because our platform is cloud hosted, we can deliver new features constantly! Some big new features on the horizon include kiosk mode, lead capture, booth mode, and new feeds like SMS to print and more!

Photoboxx 7 Memberships Include

LTE Connectivity

Photoboxx 7 devices have a dedicated LTE data connection!** Your Photoboxx will automatically connect to internet where there is a good cell signal using T-Mobile's data coverage (US Only)  when plugged into power.


Lifetime Warranty

Photoboxx 7 devices have a lifetime limited warranty!** If anything breaks or needs repair due to a malfunction - ship it back to us and we will repair or replace it. Learn more about the Lifetime Warranty for Photoboxx 7.


**Requires Photoboxx Membership to remain active
**Void if cancelled

Learn more about Photoboxx 7


What if I own/buy multiple Photoboxxes?

The Photoboxx membership is required for every Photoboxx on your account. One Photoboxx device is included in the base price ($199/mo), and any additional Photoboxx is half off ($99/mo).

If you have any questions regarding the multiple devices on your account, please contact us at

Am I able to use my Photoboxx without the Photoboxx Membership?

In-order for the Photoboxx to work with our system with all the features listed above, an active Photoboxx Membership is required.

Technically, you can use any part of the Photoboxx machine since you now own it, including the off-the-shelf printer. However, the Photoboxx is intended to be used with the provided software included in the Photoboxx Membership.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, there is no contract and you can cancel your Photoboxx membership at any time by navigating to your account settings page on the web app. 

Upon cancellation you will continue to have access to all features until the end of your billing period. All of your data will be saved, so you can come back and resubscribe at any time.

**Please Note: 
- If you are subscribed with a lower legacy price, upon cancellation that price will not longer be active. 
- If you bought a Photoboxx version 7 with a lifetime warranty and LTE connection, upon cancellation you will lose those additional features.

What if I only use my Photoboxx a couple times a year, is it possible to pay for only when I use it?

Yes, this is possible - but it is a manual process since by default, your account will be billed automatically every billing cycle (monthly or annually) until cancellation.

In order to do this, you will have to subscribe to the Photoboxx Membership for the month that you decide to use your Photoboxx, and then you will have to cancel your membership before the end of your billing cycle. If you have more questions about this process or the cancellation policy, please look over our terms of use.

What if the new Photoboxx membership price is more than what I am currently paying for in a legacy Socialdrip subscription?

Your account will automatically get upgraded to the Photoboxx membership which will include many new features for you! Plus, you get to keep your same price as before as long as you stay subscribed!

If your subscription is changed or cancelled, you'll have to sign up for the new Photoboxx membership price.

What if the new Photoboxx membership price is less than what I am currently paying for in a legacy Socialdrip subscription?

You will continue to have access to all your current features, plus all the new features included in the Photoboxx Membership. Before your next billing cycle (monthly or annually) you will need to visit your account and change your package to the Photoboxx Membership package to get the new price. If you've paid for a year or several months up front via invoice, upon renewal, you will be invoiced with the new lower Photoboxx Membership price!

How does the Photoboxx Membership compare to the old Socialdrip subscription packages?

The Photoboxx membership is most in-line with the enterprise package on the legacy Socialdrip subscriptions. The Photoboxx membership no longer has restrictions on the number of events, users, sub-accounts, or any high level features. It's all included! 

PLUS, it includes both live printing and live displays by default. Previously the enterprise package was valued at $475/mo. So there is a significant amount of savings with the Photoboxx Membership!

How do I know what version Photoboxx I have?

Each Photoboxx device is labeled with a unique id (ex. PBXX-5-0001). You can find this label on the Photoboxx itself or on the software on the device page.

- The first 4 digits are the type (PBXX which means Photoboxx). 
- The next digit is the version (4 or 5 or 6 or 7) - that is how you can tell the version of your Photoboxx.
- The last 4 digits are the unique id number (ex. 0001)
- For example: PBXX-5-0001 is Photoboxx Version 5 #1