Photoboxx Print Media 4x6

Photoboxx Print Media 4x6

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1 Box (2 rolls of paper and 2 rolls of ribbon for a total of 800 prints) - Free Shipping

  • Please note the version of your Photoboxx to select the proper print media type.

    • DS620A Photo Print Media (Compatible with V7, V5)

    • DS40 Photo Printer Media (Compatible with Photoboxx V4)

Need help determining what Photoboxx type you have?

Each Photoboxx device is labeled with a unique id (ex. PBXX-5-0001). You can find this label on the Photoboxx itself or on the software on the device page.

- The first 4 digits are the type (PBXX which means Photoboxx). 
- The next digit is the version (4 or 5 or 6 or 7) - that is how you can tell the version of your Photoboxx.
- The last 4 digits are the unique id number (ex. 0001)
- For example: PBXX-5-0001 is Photoboxx Version 5 #1

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