Photoboxx 7 Purchase
Photoboxx 7 Purchase
Photoboxx 7 Purchase
Photoboxx 7 Purchase
Photoboxx 7 Purchase
Photoboxx 7 Purchase

Photoboxx 7 Purchase

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Photoboxx 7 is the most versatile and reliable photo booth on the market today. It sports a new sleek, slim design equipped with the best photo booth printer on the market and a quad-core CPU loaded with our proprietary smart-printing technology. With focus on reliability and usability, this Photoboxx is the best we've ever made backed by our Lifetime Warranty!

** All purchases unlock access to our all-inclusive software and support system through the Photoboxx Membership for $199/mo. (no contracts, cancel anytime, paid separately) - additional devices on your account are $99/mo

Items Included:

The Machine: High Efficiency Photo Printer with print catch | Quad-Core CPU to Run Software | Photoboxx Pre-Wired Housing with power, ethernet, and usb port | 3-Piece Quick-Connect Pedestal Stand | Reusable Custom Foam packaging kit

The Perks: Lifetime Warranty** | LTE Connectivity** | Free Shipping anywhere in the US

Additional Items:  **Valid as long as the Photoboxx Membership is active. Void if cancelled.

Photoboxx Membership

All Features. One Price.

$199/mo (no contracts. cancel anytime.)

What's Included? 

  • Software Access: Access to all software features and printing capabilities inside of our software. Unlimited events, unlimited team members, custom print designs, event recaps, analytic reports, digital display feeds, and more. View all features included in the Photoboxx Membership here.

  • Tech Support: Highest priority support level with dedicated support team during via chat and email during office hours and availability on weekends.

  • LTE Connectivity: LTE built into the Photoboxx to allow a consistent connection when you are in service range. LTE connectivity is active as long as your subscription to the Photoboxx Membership is active. LTE can be reactivated with a small reactivation fee if desired.

  • Lifetime Warranty: As long your Photoboxx membership stays active, we will warranty every aspect of the Photoboxx (Printer, CPU, Housing, Accessories) for any manufactural defects. However, if the Photoboxx Membership is cancelled, the warranty will no longer be valid. Learn More about the warranty here.

Receive 2 MONTHS FREE with an annual membership! (~$400 savings)
Or save even bigger with a Lifetime Membership!

Power Requirements:
  • A standard 120V wall outlet will power the Photoboxx properly.
  • Generator requirements: 2000 Peak Watts + 700 Running Watts.
Internet Requirements:

An internet connection is required to run Photoboxx at your event. There are several options available in-case there are restrictions or limitations at your event location.

Option 1: Automatic 4G/LTE Connection - With the built-in LTE connectivity on Photoboxx 7, it will automatically connect to internet once plugged in if there is a strong cellular signal in the area.

Option 2: Ethernet - (MOST RELIABLE) - Plug in directly to Photoboxx through the ethernet port at the bottom.

Option 3: Wireless - (WiFi, Hotspot, etc.) - Use iOS or Android mobile app to connect the Photoboxx to wifi via bluetooth.

Size Dimensions:

Fully Set Up:Weight: 44lbs Footprint: 15.5" L x 15.5" W x 40" H

Packaged up in Box: Weight: 52lbs Footprint: 20" W x 20" L x 17" H

Packaged up in Hard Case with Wheels: Weight: 80lbs Footprint: 23" W x 23" D x 25" H

Learn more about Photoboxx Requirements here.

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