What to Expect

Prior to Event:

Expect a welcome email from our team with instructions on how to set up your Photoboxx account. 

Shipment & Delivery

You Photoboxx will arrive at least 2 days prior to your event along with separate boxes of paper. This is a time to unbox the machine, connect it to internet, and test it with the software to get familiar with it. These extra days do not cost extra!

What's in the Box?
  • The machine (printer, computer, housing)
  • The quick-connect 2-piece pedestal stand
  • Instruction manual along with shipping labels
  • Event emergency tool kit
  • All packaged up in foam
  • Separate Box(es) of print media (paper and ribbon)
During Event:

We are available for support during your event if you need any assistance. The best way to contact us is via tech support chat at the bottom right of any screen on the web and mobile app.

After Event:

You will empty out all print media from the printer and package up your Photoboxx just as it was when it arrived. Put the return label on the box and drop off at any FedEx location or schedule a pickup (1.800.463.3339) to send it back!